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Beautifully created and packaged products by a mom and teacher, because our kids can never have enough of good manners.  

Thank You Cards:  Now your little munchkin can learn to express their gratitude with these mannered monster cards.  Each card has fill-in-the-blank prompts to help children create thoughtful messages. Includes 30 cards and envelopes. All ages  


Placemat: Now there's no excuse to forget your manners at the dinner table!  This high-quality, food-grade silicone table mat is interactive and full of reminders, tips and tricks for table and social manners. This mat is double-sided for younger and older children. The front of the mat is colourful and engaging for younger children, while the back of our DOUBLE-SIDED mat is created for older children, complete with more detailed tips for table and social manners. Ages 3-8


Conversation Cards:  Make manners fun!  Pick a card at the dinner table and give your child the confidence they need to initiate, encourage, and include others in mealtime conversations.  They are split into 7 categories: Philanthropy, Community, Family, School, Friendship, World, and Self.  Each question is open-ended, lending itself to further conversations! Cards are suitable for the entire family.